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Make data-driven decisions with Insights

Make data-driven decisions to increase sessions, conversions, and reliably surge revenue. No technical configuration required. 

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It's easy with our drag-and-drop builder

Our drag-and-drop editor allows you to build and manage your new mobile storefront. Match the layout to your web store and customize your product detail page templates. It's so easy, your intern could do it.

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Automate your marketing

With Tapcart Drops, you can put your Marketing campaigns on auto-pilot. Set a new app design or content to launch ahead of time. Drop a new product, a new collection or a new promotion.

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Our platform is designed to enhance your Shopify ecommerce store. We give you the tools to build a customized mobile app, with no coding required.

40%+ increase in conversion rate over mobile web

Collect all checkout details on a single page, prefill customer addresses and let shoppers pay how they want. All in a matter of seconds.

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Real results from Tapcart customers

On average, Tapcart customers see 43x ROI.

Wayflyer merchants get first two months free  with free app design and launch!

Generate reliable revenue with push notifications

Push notifications have open rates as high as 90%, driving traffic back to your mobile storefront for free. Thanks to the power of push, Tapcart customers see a 2-3x lift in session frequency.

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2.4x increase in Customer Lifetime Value

Reach your customers for free with Tapcart

Tapcart lets you reach your best customers instantly with unlimited, free push notifications—which convert mobile traffic into revenue like never before.

92% of users engage with Push Notifications